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Little Bear Christmas Nail Sticker 熊熊聖誕造型小貼紙

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Nail Sticker can overlay on top of solid color nail wraps.
Add on your desire placement, create your own unique Nail Art. 

圖中示範 Demonstrate in the picture:
單色甲貼N11焦糖蘋果 +熊熊聖誕造型小貼紙
Solid Color Nail Wrap N11 Caramel Apple+ Little Bear Christmas Nail Sticker 

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Each Nail n Things Package includes:

-20 Double- Ended Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Wraps of 10 different sizes

-1 x Nail File

-1 x Alcohol Wipe  

-Instructions for Application and removal on the back of our packing