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Nail n Things

NEW! 愛的方程式 Amour Formule AN02-獨家設計凝膠甲貼

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Nail n Things x The French Girl Collaboration Collection

THE FRENCH GIRL 的《THE SHINING HEART》代表了 2 個人 / 2 個靈魂的聯繫- “點擊在一起”, 一旦連接, 就會散發出正能量。通過她的作品,藝術家邀請您與您的親人、同事、鄰居、陌生人以一種更深層靈性的方式與您的核心價值觀建立聯  

Nail n Things products have passed product testing, are non-toxic & harmless, can be used safely by pregnant women and children. 
Nail n Things 商品皆通過產品測試,無毒無害,孕婦小孩都可安心使用

Nail Wraps are made from real nail polish
One box contains two nail stickers, enough to use two times up
No more worry can't make appointment with the nail salon, you can change your manicure freely at any time

Each Nail n Things Package includes:

-20 Double- Ended Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Wraps of 10 different sizes

-1 x Nail File

-1 x Alcohol Wipe  

-Instructions for Application and removal on the back of our packing